Streaming Services

Easy setup. Full-featured. Customizable.

What we offer:

  • Live Audio Streaming using Windows Media Services and Shoutcast Servers
  • No cap on max simultaneous listeners. Instead limits on transferred amount of data.
    • Online access to detailed statistics reports, with details of listeners, CUME, AQH, TLS and more with Casterstats Server.
    • Access to realtime stats with Casterstats Proxy.
    • FTP access to raw logs.



Casterstats Server
You may login 24/7 to our Casterstats Server to view and download reports about your listeners, including details as listeners, CUME, AQH, TSL and much more. No separate software fees to pay.
Live stats
You may use your own software or Casterstats Dashboard to view realtime details about your listeners (requires license). You also get FTP-access to your raw logs.

Tech info:

• Our streaming servers are running Windows Server 2008 R2.

• Windows Media Services and Shoutcast DNAS2 streaming.

• Located in Softlayer Datacenters.


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